2017-2018 LIU18 Guest Teacher PD Series

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Course Introduction:

Welcome!Thank you for starting your journey with us to become a Guest Teacher.We have high expectations for you as a substitute teacher because we have high expectations that our students will all learn and grow to meet their unique potential.We have high expectations that students will always be treated with care and with respect. We have high expectations that the teacher in the classroom will keep them safe. We have high expectations that the time they are in school is used wisely and is used on task.

As a substitute teacher you are a role model! You are the leader in the classroom. You are the adult who has been hired to care for and help every student in your classroom. Most importantly your interaction with our students shapes how they view adults in the world.

You are employed to be a role model.

Because you are only in a given classroom for a short period of time, you may not get to see the pay-off for your work. However, the cumulative effect of many days spent with substitute teachers needs to add value to a student. This will only happen if each substitute teacher learns how to be effective in their role. The following modules will help build your skills to becoming a successful substitute teacher.

In order to satisfy the online day of your training, you are required to complete the following (4) modules:

  • The Professional & Ethical Educator
  • Preparing to Teach
  • Characteristics of Disabilities
  • Standards Aligned System/Curriculum/PA Core

Please review the links below. These documents will assist you as you proceed throughout the Moodle. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:

Dr. Jessica Jacobs



This course requires an enrolment key