• This one credit course is an introduction to the mathematics common core the the Pennsylvania Department of Education has adopted. The course will look at the documents developed by educations to examine the math common core and delve into the crosswalks with the Pennslyvania State Standars and Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content.
  • This course is designed to aid the school administrator, curriculum/media specialist, and teacher in the role of instructional/curriculum leader. We will utilize practical application and explore various curriculum theories and trends. Instructional design and curriculum building competencies are intrical throughout this course. A variety of teaching strategies will be utilized including current event discussion, collaborative and individual projects, technology integration, and simulations/case study evaluations. This class is designed as a hands on approach to the development, implementation, evaluation, and supervision of curriculum design as it pertains to the instructional leadership of a school.

    Required Text

    Glatthorn, A., Boschee, F., & Whitehead, B. (2006) Curriculum Leadership Development and Implementation. Thousand Oaks. Sage

  • This course is designed to assist participants in integrating the Classroom Diagnostic Tool from the Standards Aligned System (SAS) to enhance student learning in the classroom. It will include (1) identifying the Fair Assessment process used by teachers and students before, during and after instruction to provide feedback to improve student achievement.(2) identify, discuss and provide examples of summative, formative, benchmark and diagnostic assessments (3) discuss the purpose of the Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT) which is a set of online assessments divided by content area, and its design to provide diagnostic information in order to guide instruction and remediation(4) develop and create an assessment implementation plan to utilize the Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT) in the classroom (5) interpret the data from various types of assessment reports alignment to SAS from the Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT).

  • This course is designed for teachersfrom grades K-12 to use data to drive instruction. The participant will be introduced to the variousdata sources used with the PSSA reports as well as the data of local assessmenttests. This course will determine root causes based on the data and developinstructional strategies to address those causes. It will also incorporateother educational researchers methodology aimed at teaching students tounderstand their subject area. The course will be designed to assist teachers toconstruct lesson plans that are data driven. Teachers will be introduced to SASas well as many PDE tools. Participants will be asked to complete an actionplan.

  • Utilizing Technology for Standards Based Curriculum and Assessments